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its roots in counter reformation rome, spread north into war-torn germany and austria. during most of the 17th century, austria was preoccupied with its lonely fight against the encroaching armies of the ottoman turks. when the austrians defeated the muslim turks at the gates of vienna in 1683, a new era began. the hapsburg holy roman emperors turned to rebuilding their ravaged land. all along the danube, where bleak fortresses had guarded the river, a chain of magnificent abbeys was built. the victory over the turks meant that money was now available for grand enterprises. the monks' taxes paid for buildings rather than for weapons. these abbeys were meant to serve not only as religious communities, but also as hospices for the emperor. saint florian's abbey, begun in 1689, is the work of an italian and an austrian-- carlo carlone and jakob prandtauer. in true baroque fashion, the new abbey was a stage upon which royal ritual could be played out by the visiting emperor. paradoxically, the stage usually lacked its leading actor, for the emperor himself rarely visited any of the abb
in the land of mozart -- vienna, austria. >> and there's lots more ahead, so stay with us. >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's this week's top story. >> you might think of it as a healthy way to start the day, but you could be eating a bowl full of trouble. tyler has the disturbing truth about some of our favorite cereals. >> i think it's very nutritional. >> yeah, but it depends on what cereal. >> if you think your favorite cereal is healthy, here's a shock. it might be more than half sugar. and that's not sweet. >> it's been linked to obesity, diabetes. and when you eat tons and tons of it, you're obviously more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes or becoming more obese. >> that's why 84 popular cereals were tested by the environmental working group. they're a private organization dedicated to protecting the health of the public and the planet. they found that most of the cereals -- in fact, three out of four of them -- failed nutrition guidelines, guidelines that are set by the federal government. these cereals may taste good, but would you want to eat th
these card tricks with no hands. >> ah. >> this is awesome. >>> a beautiful country, austria. what better way to see it than in an airplane. base jumped over austria but didn't use a building, didn't use a mountain. he used a helicopter. >> what? >> he jumps from a helicopter and does kind of a "top gun" flyby across this mountain. the shasberg. >> ah -- >> he almost clips that balcony. almost clips that railing. they choreographed it to shoot it in 1,000 frames we are second, which all the cameraman, the pilot of the helicopter, all had about a two to three-second wind to work within to get that super slow motion shot. >> he's up so high, it looks like what it looks like when you look out the window of an airplane. >> look at the in behind him trailing off in the distance with the smoke. if you could see it this way, that's the way to see it. of course, another awesome stunt put together by red bull. >> it's really the closest thing can you get to being a bird. >>> time for gayle's rare wild animal roundup and today's edition comes to us from -- the cincinnati zoo and botanical garden. the f
of space. tomorrow the man from austria will try to break two world records from 120-thousand feet above the earth. brian todd has more. >> after five years of planning and one day delay for weather is finally about to happen. the stratosphere jump of the daredevil kid. command center where this will be launched. our photojournalist is going to show you the field where it will be launched. a giant balloon with a capsule is going to take him to the edge of space from this field. it is going to take about three hours. 122,000 ft. above the surface of the earth. at that point he is going to step out of the capsule and attempt to set two records. 1 for the longest free fall. while he is doing that he hopes to break a speed record for someone traveling outside of a spacecraft. no one has ever gone the speed of sound. he is hopefully going to be the first person to ever do that. he's going to wear a high-pressure suit, a helmet and a parachute. as another record he will attempt to said. the daredevil from austria who has already pays jump from the petronas towers and has already been struck fr
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in austria to this bodybuilder to the biggest movie star on the planet. i want to know the secrets. >>> arnold schwarzenegger's new book is called "total recall." it's an extraordinary story. however it's ended up this year, if you go back before all the scandal broke, really, one of the most extraordinary career paths i have ever read. you're a guy who came from nothing, you were born in a small austrian town, in a tiny house. no plumbing, toilet, shower or phone. yet you begin to get on this journey that brings you to america. you become the number one bodybuilder in the world, the number one movie star in the world, been a great politician, governor of the biggest state in the country. when you go back to that little boy, arnold schwarzenegger, what was it about you, do you think, that gave you the drive to achieve all this? >> i think that i had the most extraordinary talent in visualizing. i always as a kid had a vision and the vision was so real that i really felt that i can accomplish and turn those visions into reality. of course, i recognized very quickly that that means a
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of the pumpkin patch. you've still got to go. >>> it's snowing in austria. don't you love facebook? one of my facebook followers lives in austria. she sent me this picture. >> tom kierein is worldwide. >> she sent me this picture from the austrian alps before sunset in the tyrol region of austria. this is october, for crying out loud. even there it's unusual. >>> here for us, we're off to a chilly start. just a few clouds coming through. temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. right near the bay, southern maryland, northern neck, most locations are near just 50 degrees. farther west a round the blue ridge, some of the higher elevations are in the 40s as parts of the shenandoah valleys and into the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. for the morning commute, it's going to be dry, breezy, and chilly. a partly cloudy sky. we'll just be hovering near 50 degrees for another couple of hours. for the lunch hour, we'll be in upper 50s and low 60s. still a bit of a blustery wind swirling the leaves around. during
for work. it is even better in the netherlands, while austria boasts the lowest overall unemployment rate in europe. analysts expect the negative trend to continue. >> so, more doom and gloom from the you -- the e.u. on monday. our correspondent has more. >> record unemployment is the last thing the financial professionals here in the frankfurt floor wanted to hear. it increases the pressure on heads of government to go slowly on their reform and their austerity programs, and that could endanger the promises for financial help. that creates uncertainty. that is something that the markets here do not like to live with. still, the share prices went up board -- went upwards, and how. concentrating on a little bit of good news in the industrial sector in the united states and in the eurozone, not really good news, but at least not as bad as feared. >> let's check out those strong numbers across europe. the main german index, the dax, making up a good deal of last week's losses. things had turned bad for a while. a major turnaround today. financial shares impressed the most. the u.s. stocks --
. >>> in austria, even gravestones are entering into the digital age. this is bizarre. a company has started etching qr codes on to grave markers as a way of remembering loved ones. the codes are scanned by a smartphone which then unlocks a plethora of memories including photos and videos. the company says this new virtal 2k34e7x allows customers to craft how their loved ones are remembered. >>> all right. so what would a dinosaur that's a cross between a bird, a bat and a porcupine look like? here you go. a new species of dinosaur has been discovered in a piece of rock from south africa. it's about the size of a house cat. it's terrifying looking. strangely the paleontologist who made the find says he actually discovered it in 1983 but has simply been busier with other research. i'd like to know what the other research is. >> that animation was about as cool as it gets. >> we try to impress here for you, just you. >> i want that job, the claymation. >> exactly. >>> it's time for now for an early look at some of the stories we'll follow throughout the day on nbc. secretary of homeland securi
maÑana el clima lo permite un hombre de austria maÑana se lanzarÁ desde las puertas del espacio, 36 mil metros de altura lanzado hacÍa la tierra impera romper la barrida del sonido y aterrizar con un papara ra caÍda lo que v animaciÓn ate wri za ray en mÉxico, gracias por dejarme ser parte de su tarde, los dejar con
is coordinated by thomas cover of austria. he has travelled a great deal of the balkans and knows t region well. >> it is cross-border crime where organized gangs make use of well-established structures that have existed for a long time. it is every type of organized crime, ranging from drug smuggling to gun running and controlled substances. the entire gamut. >> since the early 1990's, tiny montenegro has been governed by the same political elite with the former prime minister at its head. under his administration, corruption spread even more. opponents have accused the party of ties to international cigarette and drug-smuggling rings. now, even tourism and small businesses on the adriatic coast are said to be divided up as many as 35 organized gangs. in aropaganda video, the interior ministry is already taking credit for a victory against organized crime. but the reality on the streets of montenegro looks very different. the special police unit is kept busy, mingling with the tourists are local criminals and ever more gang members from serbia, bosnia-herzegovina. >> it is very noticeable that
countries, including germany and austria. organizers say the train was chosen because it's near impossible to play in cars, buses or airplanes. >>> if you're looking to fancy up your apartment there's an auction in paris you might want to attend if you have some hefty cash. some very rare items belonging to france's decadent queen marie antoinette are going up on the auction block with some expected to fetch over $13,000. the most valuable, a pair of green silk shoes the queen would wear to lavish balls and occasions. >> those are stylish. >> those are stylish. well, for the second year in a row a japanese man has earned the title of oldest in the world. he's 115 years old and has no significant health problems. he was actually able to accept his guinness award in person making sure to smile big for the camera. there is one more title up for grabs. the man who lived the longest, that would be 115 years and 252 days, a record he could break on december 28th. look at how happy he is. >> he was born in the 1800s. >> he does say that he spends a lot of time in bed but he doesn't have any healt
, especially the reaction of the men. >> i don't find a poster ofnsive at a. it is aitf a statent that austria is not as could- prudish as it is often portyed, and l's b honest we are al born naked. >> t meuplso ic thhe campaign, but some viennese are taking the matter into their own hands and covering of the offending bits >> that's all for now. thanks for joining us. >> we will see you next time. caiod by t nation ctiininitute >>> chinese naval and maritime authorities hold a joint exercise in waters near disputed islands. they'll practice defending their territorial sovereignty. japanat
before objected -- rejected asylum seekers have to leave the country. >> in austria, we have a different system regarding the provision of basic needs, and i think that of course, that is a factor in germany being a kind of magnet because people looking to abuse these laws know they can get cash year. >> as the meeting concluded, one thing was clear -- things in germany have to change. >> our goal is to place macedonia and serbia on the list of safe countries and combine that with a reduction in services for people who come from six countries. >> the meeting in luxembourg made it clear that a solution would have to address both eu nations and the countries that asylum seekers come from. >> for more, we spoke earlier to our brussels correspondent and ask what exactly germany was asking for and what, if anything, had been decided at% the meeting. >> the issue of growing concern is about sudden influx is, particularly during summertime, of illegal immigrants from the western balkans, very sensitive because the european commission and member states agreed to lift visa restrictions on a group
.1%. but germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates at only 5.4%. only austria and the netherlands come in with lower percentages. this was her first summer in germany. she is dreading the coming winter, but has no plans to return home. >> turning to the markets now, and some good news for investors. our correspondence sent us this report from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> the german stock market is still in excellent shape, and this is mainly because of the fact that german companies are reporting results these days, and most companies report results that are far better than expected. for example, the balance sheet of one health care company looked very good today, but the best numbers came from the funds it today. the airline reported earnings that have been far above expectations. further on, the cost-cutting program is not that expensive, as people expected. this may lufthansa shares the leading gainer on the dax, although later on this evening, some profit-taking started. >> taking a closer look at some market numbers now, the dax closed 1/3 of 1% down. euro stoxx 50 ended the d
native, austria where people are hoping that the stunt will keep others from confusing their country with australia. we hope it works. >> i don't believe he wasn't scared. >>> coming up in sports, end of the nats season have you down? well, don't worry, the wizards seas >>> you know, i'll bet you people in richmond could hear all the people in the d.c. area yelling and screaming and jumping up on their feet when rg3 made that run. >> yeah, even people in the press box. it was spectacular. the 76 yard run heard around the beltway. it's been the buzz for the last 24 hours or so. but believe it or not, robert griffin, iii, wasn't the only reason the redskins won. the best effort came from special teams ace lorenzo alexander. the redskins secondary gave up more than 300 yards passing but clamped down when they needed to. mike shanahan pleased with the fact that his defense ranks third in the nfl with 14 take aways this season. >> the one thing i think we've always talked about, we've talked about for the last two yiers, and that's turnover ratio. teams that win are teams that are good in
on the way down. he is originally from austria and is 43 years old and former military terror shooter. >> it was great watching that -- so cool. the first man to fly past the speed of sound made noise of his own today. chuck yeager took off in the back seat of then f-15 eagle in las vegas and broke the sound barrier. see, now 89 years old, did the same thing on this date back in 1947. a warm up to [ male announcer ] we the people, the middle class who move our country forward, work hard raise families, and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class, raising taxes on the average family by up to $2,000 while giving a tax break of $250,000 to multimillionaires. doesn't mitt romney understand we can't rebuild america by tearing down the middle class. priorits usa action is responsible for the content of this advertisin ♪ ♪ i'd like to thank eating right whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh l
million views. about 3 million of them were in baumgartner's home country of austria or about 1/3 of the entire population that watched. that is a feat. >>> you've probably heard the sea is for cookies, but what about for craters? check out this picture from nasa. the internet is abuzz with occupy observation that the crater looks like a cookie. -- with an observation that the crater looks like a cookie. see, it's a cookie and crater on mercury. >> chocolate chip cookie. >> peanut butter in my book. >> we named it if you want a name. >>> i have something interesting for you, too. we don't get to see it too often. we're too far south, but in the northern light you get to see the lights -- lights you get to see the lights all the time. you get the solar winds. they disturb the upper levels of our atmosphere and inject high energy particles and make color. they put on quite a show. it's very nice. we did not get to see that. well, we couldn't see anyway, have clouds right now, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, temperatures 67, winds out of the north at 10, fr
. >> i did not know that. >> the red bull sky dive deteam went off to austria, and they spin their chute around 500 feet above ground, pick up speed and -- hon negligently, if you were there by this water, you'd think these guy, coming in for a crash landing. >> yeah. >> but it's not. one of them, he can extend his swoop about 500, 600 feet, just skim across the surface of the water. >> it looks like water ballet for a few seconds there. ♪ >> as they skim across. one guy did a little spin on his toe almost. >> this one particular shot is truly walking on water. watch him. >> they look like one of those lizards that can run on the water. you know? >> yeah. >> and bus riders at the haymarket bus station in newcastle in the u.k. got a really nice surprise and ended up performing beethoven. the video begins with andy jackson play iing "moonlight sonata" by beethoven and then people are coming along playing along with him. turns out several organizations got together to create this moment at this bus station and they brought in a piano, and they just invited random people to come in and hel
hope so. >>> a ride on the s train outside vienna, austria, as the video picks up a couple young people having a good time. laughing together. listen to what happened. >> suddenly, everything gets really quiet. you think -- is the train coming to a stop? >> doesn't sound right. >> the girl in front of the camera looking out the window wondering what's going on. she knows the train isn't scheduled to stop just yet. >> whoa. what was that? >> that didn't sound right. >> is a door -- >> yes. this train derailed. the moment where things go a little silent, this train actually skipped the tracks, because it was a broken rail in its path, and this moment where it sounds like an explosion, that's the side of the train hitting some railing and the door is being ripped off. >> of the train while these passengers are just sitting there -- from the door. >> i'm trying to figure out if they tried to stop this train. >> while this was all going on. >> as the train derailed it kind of stopped itself. this scene traveled nearly 1,000 feet after it jumped the rail. >> 1,000 feet off the track? >> off t
place in austria to this bodybudeto the biggest movie star on the planet. i want to knowheecrets. y6)z >>> arnold schwarzenegger's new book is called "total ca." it's an extraordinary story. however it's ended uth you go backeforall the scandal broke, rlly, one of yo a guy who camfrom d. nothing, you werborn in a small austri tow ia tiny house. no plumbing, toilet, shower or phon yet you begin to getn this journey thatrings to you become the numr one bodybuilder the world, the number one movie star in the governor of e biggest statin e country. when you gba to that little boy, arnolschwarzenegger, what was it about you, do you tnk, that gave you the drive to >> i think that i had the most extraordiny talentn visualizing. i always as a kid had a vision and the sion was so real that i really ft that ian accomplish and turn those visions into reaty. of course, i recognized quickly that that means a t of hell oa lot of work. and i was willing to do at. so wn i saw myself as a bodybuilding champion and saw the first photographs of a der of regark, and i read that he became hcules in the mo
to winter in europe. this was sent by a facebook follower, christian beck from austria. the austrian alps getting their first heavy snow. looks like fog, but that's heavy snow there in austria. so it's amazing. the reach of facebook is all over the world. there are the clouds over the potomac river. a few sprinkles. still cloudy, 69 at reagan national. a southerly breeze, it's been a bit blustery all associated with a front that's beginning to drift our way and triggering moderate down pour here in the carolinas and into southern virginia. and closer to washington, though, just a few scattered sprinkles around, getting moderate shower, though, near annapolis and from anne arundel county and across the bay. farther west getting other light to moderate rain now. shenandoah valley and just east of the blue ridge, northern fauquier and consume pepper and farther west, right along i-81 through the shenandoah valley getting some light rain. chance of damaging winds later this afternoon as the front moves in south and east of washington in this yellow zone. could have winds gusting over 60 miles
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